Disc Jockeys 
Mix Entertainment DJ’s are equipped with the latest in sound and video technology. This allows crystal clear sound with an unlimited digital library to meet the needs of any crowd. This also gives them the ability to incorporate music videos for an exciting visual experience along with the music. Our DJ’s are trained to “read and interpret” a dance crowd’s needs and deliver a seamless flow of music making your crowd dance the whole nightlong.

Emcee/Master of Ceremonies

Choosing the right MC for your event can be a difficult decision. Mix Entertainment takes care of that by putting together one of our top-notched, seasoned MC’s with our client, providing a one of a kind party for them and their guests. All of our MC’s are professional entertainers, creating enthusiasm and energy in the room while engaging adults and children to dance the night away.  Our MCs, each with their own distinct style, will provide your party with the “it” factor, and ensure that your child stands out on his or her special day.

Dancers/Party Motivators

Our tasteful dancers and party motivators will add vibrant energy to the party without deflecting any of the focus from you or your guests.  They represent who we are, and they are great role models. They are always dressed appropriately and have pleasant demeanors. Dancers work with guests individually on the dance floor teaching the hottest, new dance moves, line dances, assisting with games, and giving out party favors.

Extra Entertainment
Mix Entertainment is the one and only place to go for all the extras that make your party unique. From amazing one-man multi-talents to making your own personal full-length music videos we put all you choose together with your DJ package giving you the coordinated full package your party needs!

Here is some of the extra entertainment we offer:

  • Green Screen Fantasy Photo Booth Favors
  • Magnet Photo Favors
  • Airbrush Apparel and Tattoos
  • Sports Games
  • Karaoke Booths
  • Wax Hands
  • Caricature Artists
  • and so much more!


Whether it’s your wedding or your kid’s birthday, it may be one of the most important days of your life. After all the planning to make sure it's perfect, suddenly it's over, and all that is left are memories. That is why it's so important to have a professional photographer/videographer capture the magical moments of your event so you can relive them over and over.

Dance floors will be transformed with robotic moving heads and intelligent lighting. Our color kinetic wall washers and uplighting will give your event an immediate warm and royal feel. Gobos will personalize the even with splashes of your custom logo floating around your venue.

Share the joy of your child growing up with a custom edited photo-montage. Let your guests view the images on screen that brought you to this momentous occasion.

Plasma and Projection Screens

Enhance your party experience and bring your guests into the celebration by putting their pictures on the big screen! This is done with live digital “zap” pictures and video simulcasting, taken throughout the party and instantly displayed for you and your guests to enjoy.

Party Favors
Glasses, Hats, Glo-Sticks, Blinking Bracelets, Bandannnas, Blow-ups and Maracas are just some of the hundreds of different favors your guests will enjoy while they're dancing. Young and old alike come running on to the dance floor for their favorite Party favors. It's a total blast!

Send your guests home with personalized favors such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, bags, and more!

Live Musicians
Music performed live has always been an exciting and captivating experience. Our talented musicians accompany the DJ's music adding rhythm and melody to the existing song. We offer a variety of musicians that include: singers, percussion, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and many more. It’s classy, elegant and will truly take your party to the next level.

Entertain your guests during the cocktail hour with a guitarist, calypso band or string quartet. Whichever option you choose, your party will have a unique flair and will keep your guests completely engaged!

Lounge Furniture

Next to entertainment, the look and feel of the event is what leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Mix Entertainment takes pride in its ability to work with our clients to aid and produce their vision of a perfect event. We have a line of lounge furniture that will support your event with a chic modern look that has become the standard for the most of today's events.

Why hold your event in a nightclub when we can bring the nightclub to any venue.  Create a VIP lounge complete with Couches, Lighted Ottomans, Bars, Unique Decor Pieces, High Top Tables, Stunning Lights, Stages and much more!  We will work with you to create a custom lounge that will have the atmosphere of a posh NYC hot spot!