You will find more than one DJ NY within 60 miles of your home. It is better to hire a local DJ for the event than to call someone from some other place. Though a good DJ will settle himself according to the environment that he is in, it is still advised to avoid the pitfalls lest you end up ruining your event and making yourself the bad talk of the town just to save a few bucks. At times calling some exotic DJ backfires because that DJ is not well known and he is not familiar with the moods of people with you. Local culture and preferences regarding music are different over different places. Learn to respect those differences and though you can’t satisfy everyone; trying to keep people happy will make your event more successful than being oblivious to their moods.

Mix Entertainment Pro is your one stop shop for event management and planning. We are in charge of the budgeting of your event and even the guest list becomes our responsibility after you have hired us. When it comes to discussion and hiring of vendors; it is our job too. Our contacts within the industry are quite handy when it comes to negotiation of cost with the service provider like the DJ. Because of the versatile services that we can provide, hiring a company like Mix Entertainment Pro is likely to help you in creating a big bash at the party.

Whether it is a themed birthday party that you seek or you want a wedding based on the theme in Breaking Dawn; we will arrange it for you and work out the most reasonable cost for you with the help of the accountant that we have on our team.

A DJ on your event can also be a relative or a friend. But do not hire their services unless they are very good. Friendship is good and relations are important but you don’t want to put either at stake. If there is no good music there is no good dancing and any event in the country is usually not successful without dances. It is the custom! While you are hiring a DJ, see and ask if he would enter into a contract with you. You are hiring him and putting your event at stake while the DJ is maybe losing a notional cost because of taking the opportunity with you. A good DJ will respect the fact and he would prefer to get into contract with you. Leave the hiring of the DJ NY to us.